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hyperparasitismHyperparasitismus (ger.)

  • The condition of being hyperparasitic, as exemplified by certain Ichneumonidæ and Chalcididæ, the larvæ of which live in the bodies of other insect parasites. (OED 2011)

    In Diptera I have observed the frequent occurrence of hyperparasitism, that is when the fly has deposited its egg on or in the larva of a Lepidopteron: the larva proceeding from that egg has become the prey of a Biophagan, and thus the original life has been forfeited; the life of the dipterous destroyer has also been forfeited; and the destroyer of the destroyer, or the hyperparasite, has been the only life to escape

    Newman, E. (1878). Collected observations on British Sawflies. The Entomologist, vol. 11, 147-154: 151.


    we may have here a case of social hyperparasitism- umbratus founding its colonies with the aid of niger, and fuliginosus with the aid of umbratus!

    Wheeler, W.M. (1910). An aberrant Lasius from Japan. Biol. Bull. 19, 130-137:135.