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chemical evolutionchemische evolution (ger.)

  • Historical process of the formation of chemical elements, analogous to the evolution of biological species (HWB).

    such a new historical science as that of the chemical evolution of Substances

    Stuart-Glennie, J.S. (1873). In the Morningland or The Law of the Origin and Transformation of Christianity: 109.


    chemical evolution must have taken place before the first appearance of living protoplasm

    Fiske, J. (1874). Outlines of Cosmic Philosophy, Based on the Doctrine of Evolution, vol. 1: 433.


    The Chemical Evolution of Life

    Morris, C. (1882). Organic physics. Amer. Nat. 16, 470-83: 470.


    chemical evolution of the elements, in itself

    Abbott, H.C. de S. (1887). Comparative chemistry of higher and lower plants. Amer. Nat. 21, 719-30: 720.


    the chemical elements owe their stability to being the outcome of a struggle for existence – a Darwinian development by chemical evolution – a survival of the most stable

    Crookes, W. (1903). Modern views on matter: the realization of a dream. Science 17, 993-1003: 996.