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coaptationcoaptation (fr.); Koaptation (ger.)

  • Adaptation or adjustment of things, parts, etc., to each other; fitting together. (OED 2012)
    c. 400

    haec enim congruentia (siue conuenientia uel concinentia uel consonantia commodius dicitur quod est unum ad duo), in omni compaginatione uel si melius dicitur coaptatione creaturae ualet plurimum. hanc enim coaptationem, sicut mihi nunc occurrit, dicere uolui quam graeci ἁρμονίαν uocant.

    Augustine of Hippo (c. 400). De trinitate IV, 2.

    c. 400

    quid tibi in corpore displicet? si describatur omnis coaptatio corporis, nonne hebescit qui audit, et nonne sufficit qui describit?

    Augustine of Hippo (c. 400). Sermones 242A.


    numeros tamen de quibus loquor, quibus coaptatio, quae ἁρμονία graece dicitur, tamquam cuiusdam organi, extrinsecus atque intrinsecus totius corporis constat, quid dicam, nemo ualuit inuenire, quos nemo ausus est quaerere? [those relations of which I speak, and which form the concord, or, as the Greeks call it, “harmony”, of the whole body outside and in, as of some instrument, no one has been able to discover, because no one has been audacious enough to seek for them.]

    Augustine of Hippo (426). De civitate Dei XXII, 24 [Engl. transl. by M. Dods 1871].


    What so euer he was (right Honorable and Woorshipfull) that first beleeued that the frame and coaptation of the body of man, with the functions, offices, and dueties of the partes and members of the same, knit togeather in a certayne vnitie to a common ministration, did represent a liuely image & similitude of a perfect Common wealth

    Eden, R. (transl.) (1561). M. Cortés: The Arte of Nauigation: Preface.

    coaptations [...] ajustement réciproque de deux parties indépendantes d’un organisme animal, qui réalisent par leur union un appareil à fonction définie
    Cuénot, L. (1911/21). La génèse des espèces animals: 39 (not in 1st ed. 1911); id. (1925). L’adaptation: 265; id. (1926). Les coaptations. La science moderne 3, 39-48.

    coaptations chez les insects

    Corset, J. (1931). Les coaptations chez les insects (= Bull. Biol. France Belgique, Suppl. 13).