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polytypic evolutionpolytypische Evolution (ger.)

  • Transformation of a single species into several new species. (HWB 2011)
    evolution monotypic evolution

    Polytypic Evolution or Divergent Evolution is any transformation of a species in which different types appear in different sections.

    Gulick, T. (1888). Divergent evolution through cumulative segregation. J. Linn. Soc. Zool. 20, 189-274: 201.

    it is only when assisted by some form of segregation–which determines exclusive breeding of like with like–that heredity can effect arborescent or polytypic, as distinguished from catenated or monotypic, evolution.
    Romanes, G.J. (1890). Mr. A.R. Wallace on physiological selection. The Monist 1, 1-20: 2.
    Natural Selection without isolation effects monotypic evolution, and only by the aid of isolating factors of some kind results in polytypic evolution.
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