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character stateMerkmalszustand (ger.)

  • The specific value taken by a character in a specific taxon or sequence (e.g., possessing green eyes, or glycine at position 12 of a particular protein). (

    The average number of states per character was 3.69. Numbers ranging from 1 to 8, hereafter called “state codes,” were used to record the state of all characters for each species. The total number of character states was 450. Some characters could easily have been more finely subdivided to make more states.

    Michener, C.D. & Sokal, R.R. (1957). A quantitative approach to a problem in classification. Evolution 11, 130-62: 138.


    The differentiae, male and female, are attributes or "characters" in one sense. But some taxonomists would say that they are "character states" of the "character" sex.

    Ghiselin, M. (1984). ‘Definition’, ‘character’ and other equivocal terms. Syst. Zool. 33, 104-10: 105.