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aristogenesisAristogenese (ger.)

  • An outmoded theory holding that evolution proceeds along a determined path. The modern view is that natural selection does not direct evolution towards any particular kind of organism or physiological attribute, nor is there any mysterious inner guiding force. (Oxford Dict. of Ecology 2004)
    Aristogenesis is a creative process from the geneplasm of entirely new germinal biomechanisms; the process is continuous, gradual, direct, definite in the direction of future adaptation.
    Osborn, H.F. (1934). Aristogenesis, the creative principle in the origin of species. Amer. Nat. 68, 193-235; cf. id. (1908). The four inseparable factors of evolution. Science 27, 148-150; id. (1917). The Origin and Evolution of Life on the Theory of Action, Reaction and Interaction of Energy.