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life history strategiesLebensgeschichtsstrategien (ger.)

  • Evolutionary adaptations in a biological lineage involving the timing of reproduction, fecundity, longevity, etc. A grasshopper using its resources to make hundreds of fertilized eggs, each with a low probability of survival, represents a life history strategy different from a bird which uses its resources to produce a few offspring, each with a much greater chance of surviving. (Oxford Dict. of Genetics 2007)
    life history

    Life History Strategies

    Gadgil, M. (1969). Life History Strategies. A Theoretical Investigation (PhD, Harvard University).


    We may […] set up the problem of life-history strategy as that of optimal allocation of resources among maintenance, growth and reproduction, just as Cody (1966) did as among clutch size, predator avoidance, and competitive ability.

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