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holophylyHolophylie (ger.)

  • The condition of a group of taxa which not only are descended from a single ancestral species, but represent all the descendants of that ancestor. Holophyly represents a special case of monophyly; some authors use the terms interchangeably. (Oxford Dict. of Zoology 2009)

    [A monophyletic group comprises all descendants of a group of individuals that at their time belonged to a [...] single biological species"

    Hennig, W. (1966). Phylogenetic systematics: 73.]


    I propose the word holophyly, a tribe of all, for the concept that Hennig calls monophyly. Holophyly and paraphyly, then, become two aspects of the more general concept, monophyly.

    Ashlock, P.D. (1971). Monophyly and associated terms. Syst. Zool. 20, 63-69: 65.