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population biologyPopulationsbiologie (ger.)

  • The branch of biology that deals with the patterns and causes of diversity within and among populations, esp. as regards their ecology, demography, epidemiology, etc. (OED 2011)

    The sections include […] population biology and race hygiene.

    Anonymus (1935). International Congress for the Scientific Investigation of Population Problems. Man 35, 109.


    Just how important this indubitably real difference between man nd his animal forebears is for his present and future population biology it is impossible now to say with any great generality or precision.

    Pearl, R. (1937). On biological principles affecting populations: human and other. The American Naturalist 71, 50-68: 52.


    Nais paraguayensis […] furnishes exceptional material for the study of […] population biology

    Hyman, L.H. (1938). The fragmentation of Nais paraguayensis. Physiological Zoology 11, 126-143: 143.


    I have been concerned for some years with the population biology of the flour beetle, Tribolium confusum

    Park, T. (1939). Analytical population studies in relation to general ecology. American Midland Naturalist 21, 235-255: 247.


    The way factors interact to produce population integration. (This is the ultimate goal of population biology.)

    Park, T. (1945). Ecological aspects of population biology. Sci. Monthly 60, 311-313: 312.