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population geneticsPopulationsgenetik (ger.)

  • The branch of genetics that deals mathematically with the distribution of and change in gene frequencies in populations from one generation to another. (OED 2011)

    Much new material has been added on salivary gland chromosomes, cytoplasmic inheritance, population genetics, inbreeding, heterosis.

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    The chief progress [in genetics] has resulted from improvements in techniques […]. All these methods have contributed primarily to developmental or physiological genetics and to evolutionary or population genetics, two fields which are now receiving particular emphasis.

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    Our knowledge of the frequency of male sterility in plant populations and the extent of cytoplasmic differentiation as a cause of it is extremely meagre. These frequencies, which are of considerable importance from the point of view of popu-lation genetics, can be determined (i) by counting wild populations, and (2) by examining seedlings derived from seed collected from the wild.

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    Problems that involve consideration of the various genetic patterns found among related populations have been termed “population genetics”

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    population genetics
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    population genetics
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    population genetics The study of gene frequencies and selection pressures in populations.

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