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musclemusculus (lat.); Muskel (ger.)

  • Any of the bundles, bands, or sheets of contractile tissue which act to produce movement in, or maintain the position of, parts of the human or animal body; (gen.) a band or bundle of such tissue that is well developed or prominently visible under the skin. (OED 2011)
    c. 50

    Ea timeri potest, ubi laesum est vel os, vel nervus, vel cartilago, vel musculus; aut ubi parum sanguinis pro modo vulneris fluxit.

    Celsus, Aulus Cornelius (c. 50). De medicina V, 26.

    nullum motum sine musculo
    Harvey, W. (1628). De motu locali animalium (Cambridge 1959): 108; vgl. Fuchs, T. (1992). Die Mechanisierung des Herzens: 82.