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amensalismAmensalismus (ger.)

  • An interaction of species populations, in which one population is inhibited while the other (the amensal) is unaffected. It is the opposite of commensalism. (Oxford Dict. of Zoology 2009)
    symbiosis allolimy neutralism
    The opposite of [...] commensalism, faute de mieux, may be called amensalism
    Haskell, E.F. (1949). A clarification of social science. Main Currents in Modern Thought [A Comparative Journal to Promote the Free Association of Those Working Toward the Integration of Knowledge Through the Study of the Whole of Things, Nature, Man, and Society, Assuming the Universe to be One, Dependable, Intelligible, Harmonious] 7, 45-51: 46.

    amensalism [is an interaction between the populations of two species], in which one population is inhibited and the other not affected

    Odum, E.P. (1953). Fundamentals of Ecology: 165.


    amensalism An interspecific interaction in which one species population is inhibited, typically by toxin produced by the other, which is unaffected    

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