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symbolic inheritance systemsprachliches Vererbungssystem (ger.)

  • Transmission of traits through a specialized medium of communication that is based on symbols (e.g. human culture). (HWB 2011)

    [Symbolical Systems of Inheritance (SIS) […] symbolic systems are transmitted by social learning, which often involves imitation and a greater or lesser degree of intentional instruction.

    Jablonka, E. (2001). The systems of inheritance. In: Oyama, S., Griffiths, P.E. & Gray, R.D. (eds.). Cycles of Contingency, 99-116: 111-2.]


    The symbolic inheritance system (SIS) is a specifically human inheritance system. The transmission of information through symbols allows a great deal of cultural and social evolution

    Jablonka, E. (2002). Information: its interpretation, its inheritance, and its sharing. Philosophy of Science 69, 578-605: 596.