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Golgi-ApparatusGolgi-Apparat (ger.)

  • A cytoplasmic cell organelle of complex structure that is now believed to be involved in secretion. (OED 2011)
    aparato de Golgi

    Ramón y Cajal, S. (1914). Algunas variaciones fisiológicas y patológicas del aparato reticular de Golgi. Trab. Labor. Investig. Biol. (Madrid) 12, 127-227: 134f; vgl. Golgi, C. (1898). Boll. Soc. med.-chirurg. Pavia 1-14.


    None of these terms appear to be entirely satisfactory. I shall, therefore, refer to the structures simply as the Golgi apparatus.

    Pappenheimer, A.M. (1916). The Golgi apparatus. Personal observations and a review of the literature. Anatomical Record 11, 107-148: 110.