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activity rangeAktionsraum (ger.)

  • the (lifetime) geographical range of activities of an individual organism (HWB)
    an activity range in fall of .5 to 1.8 acres
    Anonymus (1937-39). Wildlife Review: 12.
    the considerably smaller activity-range found in the starling Sturnus vulgaris
    Timofeeff-Ressovsky, N. (1940). Mutations and geographical variation. In: Huxley, J. (1940). The New Systematics, 73-136: 112.‎
    In the last decade it has become increasingly apparent that the development of diversity within species populations is intimately concerned with such factors as size of breeding populations, periodic fluctuation of population size, sex ratio, activity range and differential survival of progeny.
    Blair, A.P. (1943). Population structure in toads. Amer. Nat. 77, 563-568: 563.

    [lifetime range: the total area (or volume) of space perceived by an individual between birth and death

    Baker, R.R. (1978). The Evolutionary Ecology of Animal Migration: 27.]


    Den Begriff Aktionsraum gebrauchen wir für den gesamten geographischen Raum, in dem die Aktivitäten des Organismus stattfinden.

    Trepl, L. (2007). Allgemeine Ökologie, Vol. 2. Population: 221.