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associesAssocies (ger.)

  • The developmental stage of an association.
    The associes is the developmental equivalent of the association. [...] It is composed of two or more consocies, i.e., developmental consociations, just as the association consists of two or more consociations. Like the association, it is based upon life-form, floristic composition, and habitat, but differs from it in as much as all of these are undergoing constant or recurrent developmental changes
    Clements, F.E. (1916). Plant Succession: 136.
    an association is considered as the climax equivalent of the seral associes
    Pearsall, W.H. (1918). On the classification of aquatic plant communities. Journal of Ecology 6, 75-84: 77.
    a developmental community of the rank of an association he [Clements] calls an associes, and recognises the consocies and socies which can be distinguished within its structure, as parallel with the consociations and societies of the mature association.
    Tansley, A.G. (1920). The classification of vegetation and the concept of development. J. Ecol. 8, 118-149: 133.

    associes 1: An intermediate and unstable stage inthe development of an association; a stage in an ecological succession. 2: A developmental stage of a consocies q. v.

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