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community ecologyGemeinschaftsökologie (ger.)

  • The scientific study of ecological communities.
    The amount of detailed study given in the past to the community ecology (synecology) of land animals has been much less than that devoted to the ecology of particular species (autecology), a much older branch of the subject.
    Blake, I.H. (1926). A Comparison of the Animal Communities of Coniferous and Deciduous Forests (= Illinois Biological Monographs, vol. 10, no. 4): 7.
    This series of observations is consistent with the concept of physiographic succession, and indicates that daylight intensity may not be neglected in community ecology.
    Park, O. (1928). The measurement of daylight intensity in the Chicago area and its ecological significance. In: The Ecological Society of America Program of the Meeting at New York, December 27-29, 1928. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 9, 5-6.
    The observations described in this paper have as their object the answering of two general questions:—(1) what is the intensity of daylight in the Chicago area, with special reference to the upland forest-on-sand sere; and (2) of what importance is light in the study of community ecology?
    Park, O. (1931). The measurement of daylight in the Chicago area and its ecological significance. Ecol. Monogr. 1, 189-230: 192.
    community ecology
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    Ichthyofauna der Seegraswiesen an der karibischen Küste von Panama und im Golf von Mexiko: Zusammensetzung, Struktur und Gemeinschaftsökologie
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