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altricialNesthocker (ger.)

  • Of a young bird or (in later use also) other animal: confined to the nest, burrow, etc., until sufficiently developed to live without parental care. Also: (of a species) bearing young of this kind; nidicolous. (OED 2012)
    parental care precocial

    Blinde, der Aetzung bedürftige Vögel - Nesthocker

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    Expositio Ordinum Avium. Sectio Prior. (Aves Altrices). [...] Alunt pullolos. Aetzbare Vögel Oken.

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    Altricial and præcocial orders must be so drawn that, while they are mutually representative to a degree, as wholes, they do not include, each in itself, modified representations of each other.

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    Pigeons are altricial, and monogamous

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    altricial Used of offspring or of species that show a marked delay in the attainment of independent

    self-maintenance; altrices; cf. precocial.

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