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habitat diversityHabitatdiversität (ger.)

  • Diversity of habitates in a region. (HWB)
    living specimens over larger areas, and in a greater diversity of habitats
    Lindsay, W.L. (1868).Contributions to New Zealand Botany: 48.
    The surface of the country exhibits the greatest diversity of habitats for native plants
    Anonymus (1871). Annaghmore and the southern shore of Lough Neagh. Annual Report of the Belfast Naturalists’ Field Club 8, 11-13: 11.
    Habitat diversity and algal variety both have their minimum during late July and August.
    Tansereau, E.N. (1913). The periodicity of algae in Illinois. Trans. Amer. Microscop. Soc. 32, 31-40: 36.