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disparityDisparität (ger.)

  • The quality of being unlike or different; unlikeness, dissimilarity, difference, incongruity. Also with pl. An instance or particular form of this. (OED)

    The first [way of measuring evolutionary distance] is taxonomic diversity (the number of kinds of phyla, classes, species, individuals, proteins, genes etc.) and the second is morphologic disparity (the amount of difference between related phyla, classes, species, individuals, proteins, genes etc.).

    Runnegar, B. (1987). Rates and modes of evolution in the Mollusca. In: Campbell, K.W.W. & Day, M.F. (eds.). Rates of Evolution, 39-60: 41.


    biologists also speak of “diversity” as difference in body plans. […] The revision of the Burgess-Shale rests upon diversity in this second sense of disparity in anatomical plans.

    Gould, S.J. (1989). Wonderful Life. The Burgess Shale and the Nature of History: 49.