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ProtophytaProtophyten (ger.)

  • With sing. or pl. concord. A class of primitive plants or plantlike organisms regarded as forming the lowest division of the vegetable kingdom (corresponding to the Protozoa in the animal kingdom), spec. one comprising unicellular and other simple green algae. Also, with pl. concord (also protophyta): such plants and organisms collectively. (OED)
    primitive Algæ (Protophyta)
    Fries, E.M. (1821). Systema mycologicum, vol. 1: xx.
    Die Vegetation ist eine primitive bey den Algen, welche Protophyta genannt werden [...]. Die Protophyten leben entweder im Wasser, (die eigentlichen Algen) oder in der Luft, (die Lichenen)
    Sprengel, K. (1822). [Rev. Fries, E.M. (1821). Systema mycologicum, vol. 1]. In: id. (ed.). Neue Entdeckungen im ganzen Umfang der Pflanzenkunde, vol. 3, 265-280: 267.

    Amongst what have been denominated first-plants […] Protophyta.

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    A. Urpflanzen. Protophyta. A. Character: Einzellige Organismen mit vegetalem Stoffwechsel (Reduction und Synthese)

    Haeckel, E. (1889). Natürliche Schöpfungs-Geschichte, 8th ed.: 420 (not in 7th ed. 1879).


    The unicellular animals are termed [by Weismann] Protozoa, the unicellular plants Protophyta

    Shiplet, A.E. (1885). Death. Nineteenth Century 17, 827-832: 827.