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coenogenesisZöneogenese (ger.)

  • The development of a living community. (HWB)   Entwicklung einer Lebensgemeinschaft. (HWB)

    Cenogenesis—the development of associations through geologic time in part by convergence of elements (selectogenesis) and in part by slow evolution (phylocenogenesis). Syngenesis—successional derivation which represents a much more rapid type of development.

    Sukachev, V.N. (1944). On the principles of genetic classification in biocenology. Ecology 39 (1958), 364-367: 367.


    Sukachev too (1944: 224, 227; 1950: 459-60) differentiates between syngenesis (succession) and coenogenesis (historical changes), with the latter divided into phylocoeniogenesis and selectogenesis.

    Major, J. (1958). Plant ecology as a branch of botany. Ecology 39, 352-363: 355. cf. Sukachev, V.NX. (1944). [On the principles of genetic classification in biocoenology]. Zhurnal Obshch. Biol. 5, 213-227.

    coenogeny [...] the origin and evolution of a ›coen‹ or the assemblage of all sympatric organisms as a whole
    Leppik, E.E. (1974). Phylogeny, hologeny, and coenogeny, basic concepts of environmental biology. Acta Biotheor. 23, 170-193.