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vegetative reproductionvegetative Fortpflanzung (ger.)

  • Reproduction in which new individuals are produced from a single parent without the formation of gametes. (A Dictionary of Biology, 2004)  cf. sexual reproduction.

    In the class immediately above (Mollusca) we find the individuals seperate, a more determinate form, and in the higher species, the rudiment of nerves, as the first scarce distinguishable impress and exponent of sensibility; still, however, the vegetative reproduction is the predominant form; and even the nerves "which float in the same cavity with the other viscera," are probably subservient to it, and extend their power in the increased intensity of the reproductive force.

    Coleridge, S.T. (1848). Hints Towards the Formation of a More Comprehensive Theory of Life (ed. S.B. Watson): 73.


    a spore is defined "any cell produced by ordinary process of vegetation (and not by a union of sexual elements) which becomes detached for the purpose of direct vegetative reproduction." It may be the result of ordinary cell-division or of free cell-formation.

    [Bennett, A.W. & Murray, G.] (1881). A reformed system of terminology in Cryptogames. Bot. Gaz. 6, 164-5: 164.