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agamogenesisAgamogenese (ger.)

  • The production of offspring otherwise than by the union of parents of distinct sexes (as by the simple division of a pre-existent living being, or the formation of buds, which become at length independent living beings); asexual reproduction. (OED)

    The attention of entomologists has lately been directed to a phenomenon, which, under a severe scrutiny, seems to have arisen from the questionable position of an exception into the importance of a normal law. I allude to Agamogenesis.

    Newman (1857). A word on the pseudogynous Lepidoptera. The Zoologist 15, 5764-5: 5764


    The phenomena of ‘Agamogenesis’, or reproduction without sexual congress, are exhibited in a most remarkable manner by many Branchiopoda.

    Huxley, T.H. (1857). Lectures on general natural history, lecture XII. Medical Times and Gazette 15, 159-162: 160-1.


    agamogenesis in Aphis is a kind of internal budding or gemmation

    Huxley, T.H. (1858). On the phaenomena of gemmation. The Annals and Magazine of Natural History 2, 213-6: 215


    Where propagation is carried on by heterogenesis, or is characterized by unlikeness of successive generations, there is always asexual genesis with occasionally-recurring sexual genesis; in other words - agamogenesis interrupted more or less frequently by gamogenesis.

    Spencer, H. (1864). Principles of Biology, vol. 1: 211.


    agamogenesis Asexual reproduction; agamogony.    

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