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polytypicpolytypique (fr.); polytypisch (ger.)

  • Of a taxon: including several taxa of the next lower rank.

    Had monotypic genera or oligotypic been at all materially less variable than polytypic it would not have escaped the sagacity of […] Linnæus.

    Hooker, J.D. (1858). [Letter to Charles Darwin on 14 March 1858]. In: Charles Darwin Correspondence, vol. VII (1991): 50.


    The family [of shrew-mice] […] is a very homogeneous one […]. The differences between its constituents are less than in any other of the related polytypic families.

    Anonymus (1878). Johnson’s New Universal Cyclopedia, vol. IV: 376.


    Additional collecting and the study of geographical variation and distribution led again and again to the discovery that geographically isolated species might be connected by intergrades with somer other species. This necessitated the uniting of the two (or more) separate speices into one polytypic species.

    Mayr, E. (1942). Systematics and the Origin of Species: 111.


    Closely related allopatric forms are usually subspecies of a polytypic species.

    Mayr, E. et al. (1953). Methods and Principles of Systematic Zoology: 29.


    we group a number of geographically representative populations under the heading of a single polytypic species

    Mayr, E. (1955). Karl Jordan’s contributions to current concepts in systematics and evolution (In: id., Evolution and the Diversity of Life, Cambridge, Mass. 1997, 485-492): 487.