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resource partitioningRessourcenaufteilung (ger.)

  • A theory of coexistence where organisms of different species can coexist due to their small amount of shared resources. (HWB)

    resource partitioning in a complex fauna

    Schoener, T.W. (1968). The anolis lizards of Bimini: resource partitioning in a complex fauna. Ecology 49, 704-726.


    Some workers have examined the ecologies of the species in greater detail with the goal of measuring more precisely the methods of resource partitioning among ecologically reasonable groupings of species (Cody 1968; Orians and Horn 1969; Schoener 1968).

    Orians, G.H. (1969). The number of bird species in some tropical forests. Ecology 50, 783-801: 783.