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hyperdiseaseHyperkrankheit (ger.)

  • A disease threatening a whole species.  

    To create hyperdisease conditions, a candidate pathogen should have or exhibit: 1. A reservoir species in which a stable carrier state for the pathogen occurs. 2. A high potential for causing infections in susceptible species, affecting all age groups. 3. A capacity for causing hyperlethality in “new” hosts, with mortality rates >75%. 4. The ability to infect multiple species without seriously threatening human groups.

    MacPhee, R.D.E. & Marx, P.A. (1997). The 40,000-year plague. Humans, hyperdisease, and first-contact extinctions. In: Goodman, S. M. & Patterson, B.D. (eds.). Natural Change and Human Impact in Madagascar, 169-217: 196.