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healthὑγίεια (gr.); sanitas (lat.); santé (fr.); Gesundheit (ger.)

  • Soundness of body; that condition in which its functions are duly and efficiently discharged. (OED 2011)
    c. -350 (BC)

    ἔτι δ’ ὑγίειαι καὶ νόσοι κατά τε τὰς ὥρας τοῖς ἑτερογενέσιν ἕτεραι καὶ τὸ σύνολον οὐχ αἱ αὐταὶ πᾶσιν […] Τῶν δ’ ὀρνίθων ἐν ταῖς ἀρρωστίαις ἐπίδηλος ἡ πτέρωσις γίνεται ταράττεται γάρ, καὶ οὐ τὴν αὐτὴν ἔχει κατάστασιν ἥνπερ ὑγιαινόντων. [healthy states and sicknesses vary with the seasons differently in animals of different kinds, and overall too are not the same for all. […] When birds are in poor health their plumage shows it, for it is disturbed and does not have the same orderliness as when they are healthy.]

    Aristotle (c. 350 BC). Historia animalium 601a25-7; b6-8 (transl. D.M. Balme).