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morphallaxisMorphallaxis (ger.)

  • Regeneration of a part or organism from a fragment by reorganization without cell proliferation. (Merriam-Webster 2011)
    regeneration epimorphosis

    [The study of change in form (morpholaxis) of pieces of differentt shapes is the principle object of this contribution. […] Das Studium der Gestaltveränderungen (Morpholaxis) von verschieden gestalteten Stücken ist der Hauptgegenstand dieses Beitrages.

    Morgan, T.H. (1900). Regeneration in planarians. Arch. Entwicklungsmech. 10, 58-119: 113; 116.] 


    It appears that there are two principal modes by which regeneration takes place. […] The second mode of regeneration is brought about by the transformation of the entire piece into a new form. For this process I have proposed the term “morphallaxis.”

    Morgan, T.H. (1901). Regeneration in the egg, embryo, and adult. Amer. Nat. 35, 949-973: 949. 


    morphallaxis The process of limb or tissue regeneration in which a novel or alternative tissue or appendage is developed.

    Lincoln, R.J., Boxshall, G.A. & Clark, P.F. (1982). A Dictionary of Ecology, Evolution and Systematics: 159.