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monotypicmonotypique (fr.); monotypisch (ger.)

  • A systematic group that comprises only one taxon of a lower taxonomic level. (HWB)

    Had monotypic genera or oligotypic been at all materially less variable than polytypic it would not have escaped the sagacity of […] Linnæus.

    Hooker, J.D. (1858). [Letter to Charles Darwin on 14 March 1858]. In: Charles Darwin Correspondence, vol. VII (1991): 50.


    both Kadsura and Sphærostema in Japan represent our monotypic Schizandra

    Gray, A. (1859). Diagnostic characters of new species of phænogamous plants, collected in Japan by Charles Wright. Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, New Series 6, 377-452: 380.


    fourteen of the genera [of fifty-six species of the Americo-Japanese region wanting in Europe] (most of them monotypic) are peculiar to America and Japan

    Gray, A. (1860). Remarks on the botany of Japan, in its relations to that of North America. Edinb. New Philos. J. 11, 159-163: 162.


    monotypic genera

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