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display-charactersBalzmerkmale (ger.)

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    A character that has been acquired or preserved by the action of Sexual Selection must either be displayed to the other sex in courtship or used to drive away rivals. It has become obvious since Darwin wrote that display-characters are probably acquired most often as a result of Natural rather than Sexual Selection. The value of the display is to excite female till she reaches a state in which she is ready to mate

    Richards, O.W. (1927). Sexual selection and allied problems in the insects. Biol. Rev. 2, 298-360: 300.


    Display-characters are usually concerned with eliciting sexual emotion in general and readiness to mate in particular

    Huxley, J.S. (1938). Darwin’s theory of sexual selection and the data subsumed by it, in the light of recent research. Amer. Nat. 72, 416-433:421; cf. 431.