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introgressionIntrogression (ger.)

  • The transfer of a small amount of genetic material from one (usu. plant) species to another as a result of hybridization between them and repeated back-crossing. (OED 2011)

    We conclude that there is a strong introgression of T. canaliculata into T. occidentalis.

    Anderson, E. & Hubricht, L. (1938). Hybridization in Tradescantia, III. The evidence for introgressive hybridization. Amer. J. Bot. 25, 396–402: 399; cf. Anderson, E. (1949). Introgressive Hybridization. 


    In this instance, therefore, frequent interspecific hybridization is not accompanied by introgression of genes across the barrier formed by partial sterility of the F1 hybrid.

    Stebbins, G.L. (1950). Variation and Evolution in Plants: 265.