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deimatic reactiondeimatisches Verhalten (ger.)

  • Defensive behaviour by adopting an intimidating posture.  
    protection phobesis

    Mantids present […] remarkable pattern of behaviour: a conspicuous display when they are faced with a “threat”. It was called with different names by different authors: the “frightening display” (Hingston, 1933; Roonwal, 1938; Varley, 1939), the “startle response” (Crane, 1952), the “floral simulation” (Sharp, 1899; Anderson, 1877; Williams, 1904). It will be named the deimatic reaction (DR) (G. δειματόω: I frighten) in the present paper.

    Maldonado, H. (1970). The deimatic reaction in the praying mantis Stagmatoptera bicellata. Z. vergl. Physiol. 68, 60-71: 61.


    deimatic behaviour The adoption of an intimidating posture by one animal in order to frighten another; dymantic behaviour.

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