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auto-organizationauto-organisation (fr.); Auto-Organisation (ger.)

  • The formative process or the increase of complexity of an organization, in as much as this process is not controlled by exterior influences but subject to the system's structure itself or previous systems.
    la substance de la lymphe avait un pouvoir d’auto-organisation
    Lister, J. [1881]. La ligature de catgut. In: Chirurgie antiseptique et théorie des germes (OEuvres réunis), hg. v. G. Borginon, Brüssel 1882, 599-627: 626.
    auto-organization of its [i.e. the human brain’s] nerve centers
    Hermann, E. (1917). An Outline of Physical Education for Primary and Grammar Schools, Junior High Schools and High Schools: 55.
    Que sont les potentialités d’auto-organisation des territoires de la jeune gastrula?
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