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viability selectionViabilitätsselektion (ger.)

  • Selection due to differential survival and death of individuals, in contrast to differential reproduction.  

    it is unlikely that viability selection among parasites of the large sample inoculated could explain the variability among animals (at agiven temperature) in the exponential rate of infection progress after the third day.

    Thompson, P.E. & Winder, C.V. (1947). Analysis of saurian malarial infections as influenced by temperature. The Journal of Infectious Diseases 81, 84-95: 91.


    Linkage under differential-viability-selection as well as polysomic inheritance are not easy problems.

    Geiringer, H. (1949). On some mathematical problems arising in the development of Mendelian genetics. J. Amer. Stat. Assoc. 44, 526-547: 544.


    The cases involving viability selection treated here are new.

    Karlin, S. (1968). Equilibrium behaviour of population genetic models with non-random mating. Part I: Preliminaries and special mating systems. J. appl. Probab. 5, 231-313: 256.