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DicotyledoneaeDicotyledones (lat.); Dicotyledoneae (ger.)

  • A flowering plant having two cotyledons or seed-lobes: the Dicotyledons (in Bot.Latin Dicotyledones) constitute one of the great classes of flowering plants, characterized by an exogenous mode of growth (hence also called exogens, see exogen n.), and usually by having the parts of the flower in fives or fours, and the veins of the leaves reticulated. (OED)  
    plant Monocotyledoneae

    Floriferas dividemus in Dicotyledones, quarum semina sata binis foliis anomalis, Seminalibus dictis, quæ Cotyledonum usum præstant, è terra exeunt, vel in binos saltem lobos dividuntur, quamvis eos supra terram foliorum spevies nou efferant: & Monocotyledones, quae nec folia seminalia bina efferunt, nec lobos binos condunt.

    Ray, J. (1703). Methodus plantarum emendata et aucta: 1.


    Dicotyledon (with Botantists), a Term used of Plants, which spring with two Seed Leaves opposite to each other, as the generality of Plants have.

    Bailey, N. (1730). Dictionarium Britannicum: or a More Compleat Universal Etymological English Dictonary: s.v.


    universalis plantarum distinctio in Acotyledones, Monocotyledones & Dicotyledones recta ac inconcussa subsistit

    Jussieu, A.-L. de (1789). Genera plantarum secundum ordines naturales disposita: xlv.