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familyfamilia (lat.); Familie (ger.)

  • A group of related plants, animals, or other organisms; (in later use) spec. a group of related genera of organisms; a taxonomic category ranking above genus and below order. (OED 2013)

    This wilde Cowcumber (as well as the former wilde or bitter Gourde, differing from all the rest of their families) is fit to be entreated of apart by it selfe.

    Parkinson, J. (1640). Theatrum Botanicum: 161.


    familiae plantarum

    Magnol, P. (1689). Prodromus historiae generalis plantarum in quo familiae plantarum per tabulas disponuntur.


    Qui in Scientia nostra Variationes ad Species proprias, Species ad Genera naturalia, Genera ad familias referre nesciunt

    Linné, C. von (1735). Systema naturæ sive regna tria naturæ systematice proposita per classes, ordines, genera, & species: [1].