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stimulationstimulatio (lat.); Stimulation (ger.)

  • Excitation (of an organ) to increased activity, quickening of some vital function or process. (OED 1989)  
    Cela se fait par stimulation & mordication dʼautant que la salureirrite la faculté expultrice
    Ranchin, F. (1624). Oeuvres pharmaceutiques (Rouen 1637): 135.
    a continual stimulation to evacuate, caused, by a continual stimulation, of the expulsive faculty
    Lovell, R. (1661). Panzoologicomineralogia or a Compleat History of Animals and Minerals: 384.

    Stimulation on the Organs of Concoction

    Cheyne, G. (1724). An Essay of Health and Long Life: 48.

    Disorder and Disturbance in the Blood and Spirits, by too strong an Impulse and excessive Stimulation
    Blackmore, R. (1726). Discourses on the Gout, a Rheumatism, and the King’s Evil: 87.

    The Bile, by its natural Acrimony and Stimulation

    Cheyne, G. (1733). The English Malady, or, A Treatise of Nervous Diseases of All Kinds: 186 (II, §2).