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linkageliaison (fr.); Kopplung (ger.)

  • Association between characters in inheritance, such that if one parent has a pair of characters, there is a probability greater than 50% that any offspring inheriting one of the characters will also inherit the other, which effect is due to the two characters being controlled by alleles located on the same chromosome. (OED 2011)

    [[Es ist] erwiesen, dass das Verhalten je zwei differirender Merkmale in hybrider Verbindung unabhängig ist von den anderweitigen Unterschieden an den beiden Stammpflanzen (Mendel) […] diese Regel gilt nicht allgemein; es giebt Sippen mit gekoppelten Merkmalen. (Nachtr. Anm.)]

    Correns, C. (1900). G. Mendel’s Regeln über das Ver- halten der Nachkommenschaft der Rassenbastarde. Ber. Deutsch. Bot. Ges. 18, 158-168: 166.]


    Early in the revival of breeding experiments, attention was called, especially by Correns, to the phenomenon of coupling between characters. Complete coupling has so far been most commonly met with among characters of similar physiological nature.

    Bateson, W., Saunders, E.R. & Punnett, R.C. (1906). Experimental studies in the physiology of heredity (Scientific Papers of William Bateson, vol. 2, Cambridge 1928, 152-161): 158.


    There are no wingless black flies in the F2 generation, which the Mendelian expectation calls for. Their absence can only be explained by strong linkage of the yellow factor and the factor for wings. […] the factor for Wings shows no linkage to the sex-linked factor (C) for eye color, and to (R) the factor in the absence of which the wings are miniature.

    Morgan, T.H. & Lynch, C.J. (1912). The linkage of two factors in Drosophila that are not sex-linked. Biol. Bull. 23, 174-182: 177-8; 179.

Rheinberger, H.-J. (2002). Carl Correns und die frühe Geschichte der genetischen Kopplung. In: Schulz, J. (ed.). Fokus Biologiegeschichte, 169-181.