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plasticityPlastizität (ger.)

  • Adaptability of (part of) an organism to changes in its environment. (OED 2006)
    It [sc. peppermint] is well known to be very easily propagated by its own stringy roots, which, hydra-like, will spring, cut it off or to pieces ever so much; such a plasticity there is in its nature, that nothing but balm can pretend to the like
    Switzer, S. (1727). The Practical Kitchen Gardiner: 304 (acc. to OED 2006).
    die Plastizität der flüßigen, und die Lebenskraft der festen Theile
    Mezler, F.X. (1798). Bemerkungen über die Viehpest: 33.
    die Fähigkeit [einiger Stoffe tierischer Körper] zu verhärten (Concrescibilität) und dabey gewisse Formen anzunehmen (Plasticität der thierischen Substanzen)
    Schmid, C.C.E. (1799). Physiologie philosophisch bearbeitet, vol. 2: 161.
    Bildungstrieb (Plasticität)
    Reich, G.C. (1828). Die Grundlage der Heilkunde: 182.

    Observation of animals in a state of nature is required to show their degree of plasticity.

    Owen, R. (1858). Address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science. The British Medical Journal 2, 830-833: 832.

    the extreme modifiability or plasticity of those kinds of animals and plants which have been subjected to such artificial conditions as are imposed by domestication

    Huxley, T.H. (1859). Time and life: Mr Darwin’s »Origin of species«. Macmillan’s Magazine 1, 142-148: 146.

    The race must at a certain time have a definite amount of plasticity, that is, a definite power of adapting itself to altered circumstances by changing in accordance with them
    Clifford, W.K. (1869). On some of the conditions of mental development. Notices of the Proceedings at the Meetings of the Members of the Royal Institution of Great Britain 5, 311-328: 326 (= Lectures and Essays, vol. 1, London 1879: 102).
    individual plasticity of behaviour
    Lloyd Morgan, C.L. (1898). Instinct and intelligence in animals. Nature 57, 326-330: 330.

    plasticity The capacity of an organism to varymorphologically, physiologically or behaviourally as a result of environmental fluctuations.

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