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diversity indexDiversitätsindex (ger.)

  • A statistical measure of diversity, e.g. of the quantity of species and the evenness of their distribution within a community.  
    It is suggested that the parameter α should be know as the 'index of diversity' of the population.
    Fisher, R.A., Corbet, A.S. & Williams, C.B. (1943). The relation between the number of species and the number of individuals in a random sample of an animal population. J. Anim. Ecol. 12, 42-58: 49.
    we cannot conclude from the figures for S and I alone that the biological associations observed at the two traps differed in diversity index α.
    Anscombe, F.J. (1950). Sampling theory of the negative binomial and logarithmic series distributions. Biometrika 37, 358-382: 379.

    diversity index A measure of the number of species in a community and their relative abundances; such measures include the ratio between number of species and number of individuals, the Shannon-Wiener index, richness index, Brillouin index and Simpson index. 

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