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cell linesérie cellulaire (fr.); Zelllinie (ger.)

  • A population of cells sharing a common lineage; spec. such a population maintained in cell culture and consisting of cells which are descended from a single primary culture. (OED)

    série cellulaire uniquement destinée à la reproduction

    Bard, L. (1886). La spéfité cellulaire et l’histogénèse chez l’embryon. Archives de physiologie normale et pathologique 7, 406-420: 412.

    certain chlorophyll deficiencies are apparently seperated out into certain vegetative cells and handed on through definite cell lines, while normal chlorophyll develops in other cell lines
    Emerson, R.A. (1922). The nature of bud variations as indicated by their mode of inheritance. Amer. Nat. 56, 64-79: 76.