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differential gene activitydifferentielle Genaktivität (ger.)

  • The site-specific expression of genes depending on the type of cell (tissue) and environment they are in.  

    can the genes reproduce themselves or their products differentially at different times and in different tissues? […] the possibility of differential gene activity cannot be ruled out.

    Huskins, C.L. (1947). The subdivision of the chromosomes and their multiplication in non-dividing tissues: possible interpretations in terms of gene structure and gene action. Amer. Nat. 81, 401-434: 424-5.

    Differential gene activity in embryogenesis may be indirectly approached by a study of the origin of protein synthesizing machinery.
    Wilt, F.H. (1962). The ontogeny of chick embryo hemoglobin. Proc. Nat. Acad. U.S.A. 48, 1582-1590: 1582.