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food webNahrungsnetz (ger.)

  • A system of overlapping and interdependent food chains. (OED)

    At only the second step of what we may call a food-web, we find the black bass related to every class of animals, to many plants and to decaying materials in the mud of the lake bottom.

    Allee, W.C. (1932). Animal Life and Social Growth: 8.


    The web-of-life is also concerned with food chain, food web and food pyramid relationships.

    Allee, W.C. & Park, T. (1939). Concerning ecological principles. Science 89, 166-169: 168.


    Food web complexity

    Paine, R.T. (1966). Food web complexity and species diversity. Amer. Nat. 100, 65-75.


    food web The network of interconnected food chains of a community; food cycle; food nexe.

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