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synthetic Darwinismdarwinisme synthétique (fr.); synthetischer Darwinismus (ger.)

  • The theoretical and conceputal integration of different parts of biology, especially population biology, genetics and phylogenetics, into an evolutionary frameweork.  

    Deux grands courants dans la biologie moderne: le néolamarckisme et le darwinisme synthétique

    Szyfman, L. (1982). Jean-Baptiste Lamarck et son époque: 387; not in Simpson, G.G. (1950). L’orthogenèse et la théorie synthéthique de l’évolution. In: Arambourg, C. et al. Paléontologie et transformisme, 123-163: 133.


    The book almost concludes with the statement that two great currents of thought prevail in modern biology: neoLamarckism and synthetic Darwinism

    Oppenheimer, J. (1983). [Rev. Szyfman, L. (1982). Jean-Baptiste Lamarck et son époque]. Quart. Rev. Biol. 58, 546-547: 547.


    the data generated by the neo-Lamarckian program provided a significant part of the empirical basis for synthetic Darwinism.

    Cook, G.M. (1999). Neo-Lamarckian experimentalism in America: origins and consequences. Quart. Rev. Biol. 74, 417-437: 418.