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phenonPhänon (ger.)

  • 1) A group of organisms which is recognized simply on the basis of similarity of characteristics, regardless of any biological interaction or genetic relatedness. (OED)

    Phenon: a species which is phenotypically homogeneous and whose individuals are sexually reproductive, but which is composed of intersterile segments

    Camp, W.H. & Gilly, C.L. (1943). The structure and origin of species. Brittonia 4, 323-85: 335.

  • 2) A grouping of organisms established by phenetics or numerical taxonomy. (OED)

    How should we name the groups which are established by numerical taxonomy? We can, if we wish, equate them with genera, tribes or families, but since those terms have evolutionary, nomenclatural and other connotations, we prefer to use new expressions. We call the groups simply 'phenons' and preface them with a number indicating the level of similarity at which they were formed.

    Sneath, P.H.A. & Sokal, R.R. (1962). Numerical taxonomy. Nature 193, 855-60: 860.