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fecundityfecunditas (lat.); Fekundität (ger.)

  • Of female animals: The faculty of reproduction, the capacity for bringing forth young; productiveness. (OED)
    -43 (BC)

    O miserae mulieris fecunditatem calamitosam!

    Cicero, Philippicae 2, 58.

    1st century AD

    Fecunditas autem, quamvis longe minor sit quam est gallinarum, maiorem tamen refert quaestum.

    Columella, Res rustica VIII, 8, 9.


    By fecundity I mean the demonstrated capability to bear children; it implies the conditions necessary for conception in the women of whom its variations are predicated. This quality of fecundity is interesting chiefly to the physiologist and physician.

    Duncan, J.M. (1866). Fecundity, Fertility, Sterility and Allied Topics: 3.