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cistronCistron (ger.)

  • A section of nucleic acid that codes for a specific polypeptide. (OED 2011)
    gene muton recon
    It turns out that a group of non-complementary mutants falls within a limited segment of the genetic map. Such a map segment, corresponding to a function which is unitary as defined by the cis-trans test applied to the heterocaryon, will be referred to as a ›cistron‹.
    Benzer, S. (1957). The elementary units of heredity. In: McElroy, W.D. & Glass, B. (ed.). A Symposium on the Chemical Basis of Heredity, 70-93: 71.

    cistron A functional gene; part of a DNA sequence that codes for a single cellular function, such as the synthesis of an enzyme.    

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