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physiological speciesespèce physiologique (fr.); physiologische Art (ger.)

  • A group of organisms being able to interbreed.
    Yet no varieties of roses, derived from the three distinctive physiological species we wish to establish, differ so much from each other as the pug and the greyhound. Why, therefore, attempt to establish these varieties as species, while the species Dog is only divided into breeds or varieties?
    Gore, C.G.F. (1838). The Rose Fancier's Manual: 67.

    Living beings [...] are also divisible into groups of individuals, which breed freely together, tending to reproduce their like, and are physiological species.

    Huxley, T.H. (1860). Darwin on the origin of species. Westminster Review N.S. 17, 541-570: 555 (Collected Essays, vol. 2, London 1893, 22-79: 50).