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JordanonJordanon (fr.); Jordanon (ger.)

  • A narrower definition of species based on reproduction biology (cf. Linneon) which relates to the French botanist A. Jordan who describes lots of little varieties for plant species which only differ slightly but which characteristics remain constantly over generations and through which they form a morphological and genetic group of individuals.
    species Linneon
    Jordanon [...] a group of externally alike individuals which all propagate their kind faithfully, under conditions excluding contamination by crossing with individuals belonging to other groups, as far as these external characters are concerned, with the only exception of noninheritable modifications of these characters
    Lotsy, J.P. (1916). Evolution by Means of Hybridization: 22-23.

    the naming of groups could be carried to an absurd extreme, to the finest recognizable units. These units, called by some biotypes, are regarded by others as species; they are sometimes called Jordanons (from Alexis Jordan).

    Core, E.L. (1955). Plant Taxonomy: 97.


    jordanon A microspecies, race or other infraspecific group.

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